Enjoy without feeling guilty

"Enjoy without feeling guilty!" That is the motto that Patricia pursues every day with passion (and a rolling pin in hand)!

Unhealthy treats pale in comparison to the explosion of flavors that Pip's delivers. In addition, Patricia wants to provide a safe base for those with various dietary restrictions. People who follow a vegan and/or vegetarian lifestyle have come to the right place.

We've been able to get around dietary restrictions without sacrificing flavor to our products. This has been achieved by using a wide range of raw, organic and natural ingredients! In this way we ensure that no refined sugars - gluten - soy and dairy types are present in our products. By partnering with local producers, we tirelessly contribute to our mission of "providing customers with a much-needed alternative to healthy sweets and snacks." We do this by offering high-quality, delicious, healthy patisserie products at very affordable prices."

Pastry chef is our craft

At Pip's Delicious we experience baking vegan products as a craft! With our presence and efforts, we want to spread awareness about health, nutrition, and the importance of local supply chains. Keeping our taste buds happy shouldn't mean destroying and damaging the environment, which is why we strive to protect it. We do this by using recyclable, reusable and bottled packaging. With the mission in mind to let you enjoy yourself without feeling guilty, we want to contribute to sustainable developments within the region. Feel free to come in and take a look at our store. And oh yes - bring your own containers with you when you come to pick up our products. That saves another packaging. See you soon!

With love and to your health,

Patricia Panescu

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